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How to properly install a radar detector in your car?Primary, the very first thing , after the acquisition radar – detector , which you have to do – is to install it . For this event should be approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility , if you want to be comfortable and the correct functioning of the device. For starters, you need to attach the device is available , at the highest point , in the middle of the windshield of your car. This location of the device will allow him to most quickly and effectively operate , regardless of terrain conditions of the environment. The device must have a parallel arrangement with respect to the plane of the road , if you are unable to achieve this location , you can do a bit in the desired direction pognuv bracket fasteners.
As it is necessary to take into account the fact that the radar – detectors reduce their sensitivity in the presence of tinting on the windshield . The same applies to vehicles with athermal glass ( purple tint ) . If your car has a tint , the efficiency will be reduced from 10 to 20%. In order to avoid this, the device can be attached at the highest point of the windshield where no tinting . If your car has athermal windscreen , and we do not recommend using it on the radar – detectors , as their usual work correctly will be reduced to 60 %, which is essentially an unacceptable result. With a strong desire can search the so-called ” process window ” – a place that does not contain a full athermal properties where purchased and secure device . Most often, this place is located directly behind the rear-view mirrors , for a more detailed and complete information on this subject , you can seek help from the data sheet that comes with the machine . Continue reading

What are the different modes of radar - detectors and what they mean1 ) Modes radar ranges. Radar range – is the radio frequency band , where it can operate an active emitter , coming from working radar. For these tasks, there are several different frequencies, which got its name in alphabetic equivalent. Below we list the main ranges , as well as relevant to our country’s radar – devices that use these frequencies .
The most popular and widely considered to be an X-band ( from 10,500 to 10,550 GHz). Here are the radar device such as the Falcon, Falcon M ( C, D ) , and other barrier .
In the range of Ku, which is characterized by frequency of 13,425 to 13,475 GHz, in our country there is no radar used DPS employees .
Range K, which owns frequency from 24,050 to 24,250 GHz, operate devices such as Arena , Berkut , Vizir and Iskra .
Ka-band frequencies assigned with the highest value , from 33,400 to 36,000 GHz. Ukraine is neither produced nor used any radar device operating in this range . Continue reading

Dunlop Ice Touch - a new model of studded winter tiresritanskie tires Dunlop Ice Touch designed for cars designed specifically to cope with all the surprises of the winter climate of our country. After all, for us has become customary typical winter manifestations caused by frequent and sometimes abrupt changes of weather conditions , cold snap snowfall dawn warming and ice formation .

For confident driving on icy surfaces in the tread design has unique 4D spikes with carbide core structure and directional design with sharp edges. All these features enhance the level of spike clutch traction during acceleration, confident cornering and significantly reduce stopping distance.

If you consider the details of the projection- drawing , you can note the presence of a plurality of grooves deep enough ( water dispersion ) and toe edges with different directions , obedient and provide precise control for winter slush melted snow and ice-covered areas. Continue reading

Dunlop_SP_Winter_Sport-3D=1Motorists have in your garage crossover booted winter tires Hankook i * Pike RW11 get an unforgettable pleasure of confident driving in all kinds of winter conditions. It should also be noted that this model tire is marked with Nordic Swan indicating minimize harmful effects on the environment.

In the center of the tread is a special unit consisting of an enlarged fin tracks that significantly enhances traction on snowy and icy roads , while its lateral slit further stabilizes compliant control in the snow. Modernization and got the groove with ledges that more effectively dissipate snow .
Japanese design engineers managed to achieve optimal block rigidity thanks to the finest working through all the components of the tread portion , and the introduction of a combination of wave-shaped slots with slots having ledges . Continue reading

Differences between xenon and halogen automotive lampsIn the past, motorists have had no such choices such as automotive lighting , but modern automotive shops counters can not complain at this . Time goes on, develop and bring new technologies that motorist sometimes the question arises: which is better? What? And is it worth spending more money? In all this, we now understand .

Very long section of modern automotive history leading position occupied by halogen lights, but present-day trends reflect the picture that motorists growing preference avtolamp newest type , namely xenon . What is the difference between these two types of headlamps and which ones provide the best visibility of the road at night or dark.

Halogen headlights – these lamps used halogen lamps with reflectors . Continue reading

How to choose a radar - detectorRadar – detector – a device that is intended to capture all of the radiation that publish working police radar. Depending on the brand , build quality and functional features , each model radar – detector is an individual unit , with its sensitivity , features and other characteristics . On this basis , it is clear that the choice of radar – detector must be approached carefully and responsibly , because of what model we will acquire will depend on ease of use and the variation of the distance detection devices police . However, you should assure yourself with the thought that the device will be purchased to specify exactly how many meters left to the post of DPS and show the exact location . Do not confuse the concept of ” anti- radar “, aka ” radar – jammer ” and ” radar – detector “, which we discussed today and . Anti – radars are trying to put a kind of shield – interference that prevents the accurate fixing the speed at which you move . Radar – detectors – is a passive device , which is designed to warn the driver of a vehicle on the zones , which employ radar device.
In order to choose the optimal device for yourself , you need to read , learn and explore the many factors and nuances that the most direct way may affect the operation of the machine. Continue reading

Studless winter tires Michelin Alpin A3Michelin has developed a winter tire model Alpin A3 cars specifically for small and middle class , who are now able to experience the present reliable traction on winter city roads.
Rubber compound boasts of its innovativeness , as it contains sunflower oil, which stabilizes the car on slippery surfaces. To improve the adhesion performance was significantly increased siping area (area increased by 47% compared with the previous model ) , which also reduces the risk of aquaplaning in wet weather , when the road is covered with a water film .

If you consider in detail the surface of the tread portion , you can pay attention to the wide center rib stabilizing motion in a straight line , and wide blocks in the lateral zones increase the sharpness control to perform various maneuvers and turns. Winter tires Alpin A3 equipped with two deep longitudinal grooves with a plurality of transverse grooves , water dispersion and mass of melted snow from the tire , increasing traction . Continue reading

Xenon and its color temperatureXenon lamps in automotive optics increasingly gaining popularity among motorists , and it is not strange, because superiority over other types of car lamps significantly noticeable. Xenon headlights are nuances in the characteristics that motorists need to understand the correct choice of a particular model of xenon .

Now we will deal with this characteristic xenon llamas as color temperature . Setting the color temperature is sometimes not immediately clear, but its essence is simple enough. If you take a scientific term , then, is that the color temperature – temperature of a blackbody at which it emits radiation of the same color tone as such emission . This parameter is measured in Kelvin light and color depends on him and the radiation efficiency is very important for the motorist in the dark .

The most popular color temperature : 4300K ​​, 5000K , 6000K , 8000K
4300K ​​- is the most effective and popular color temperature of the original equipment vehicle , xenon headlights . Lights emitted color is very similar to the color of the sun ( specifically to the human eye ) and has minimal impact on the glare of oncoming traffic . Slightly yellowish coloration light illuminates well as dry weather conditions , and in rainy weather conditions minimally Lambent on wet road surfaces . Continue reading

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